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With thanks to the many dedicated breeders Highland Cattle can now be found in Folds around the World. You can visit many of them here, within our pages and read their stories. These are just some of the dedicated people who are promoting the many qualities of this ancient breed and taking them forward into the twenty first century.


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There are links to over 100 Folds from over 18 countries and we are adding more almost daily. You can get a preview of them here on Highland Cattle World!

We have Picture Galleries, of Cows, Calves and Highland Bulls as well as landscape pictures of Scotland and the Highlands and Islands, natural home to the Highland Breed.

There are links to the history of the people who raised the original cattle and stories of the Highland Drovers who took them to market. So now you can get a sense of the history and what home was like for these ancient cattle.

Read about this ancient breed here and the characteristics laid down in Inverness, 10th June, 1885.

But our pages don't stop there, we have information on Highland Cattle doing sterling work in conservation grazing. Articles of interest to Highland Breeders, owners and the just plain curious!

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