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Beckworthview Highland Cattle Stud

Beckworthview is owned and managed by Carlie Harrington and Mark Ross.  Carlie & Mark both have ambitions for Beckworthview to be the leading Highland stud in Australia (& beyond!) using the best available genetics from around the world to produce quality, correct animals with fantastic beef attributes. 

The idea for a Highland beef producing stud began when Carlie was pregnant with their first child, Montana.  Eager to provide the best chance for her unborn child, she tried to source out the best possible foods to enable this.  She quickly found it difficult to find natural, safe beef that she knew had not been raised using hormones or antibiotics.  Carlie realised that the only way she would know that the beef was 100% safe was to grow her own.  Deciding on Highland cattle because of their ability to turn grass into premium tasting beef, Beckworthview was born. 

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Farmers Market Beckworthview stall

Highland Bull in Australia

Three youngsters

White Highland Cattle in Australia

Group of cattle

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