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Cruachan Highland Cattle

Cruachan Highland Cattle are located in Victoria, Australia, and were founded in 1987.

For 10 years from 1989 to 1999 Cruachan was involved in showing Highlands at major shows throughout three states covering a 1200 kilometres radius (750 miles). During this time frame Cruachan imported embryos from Canada, semen from New Zealand, Canada and America, as well as using existing semen stocks from Scotland. This formed the basis of the herd today.

Nowadays the farm is run more as a lifestyle property with the retention of 20 quality breeding females.

The Cruachan website contains a number of articles that have been gathered over the years and is definitely worth a browse.

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Hard Work!

Royal Melbourne Show

 Interbreed Supreme Champion Bull 1998
The Royal Melbourne Show
Beef Breeds `C´ Group
Interbreed Supreme Champion Bull 1998

Statistics from the Royal Adelaide Show 1998


36 months.


990 kilograms (2183 lb.)

Fat scans:

15 mm Rump, 7 mm Eye Muscle.

Eye Muscle Area:

126 sq cm.

Then there's the fun times!

Highland Bull in the pub

Bottle feeding a calf from both ends!

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