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The Ennerdale Fold of Highland cattle is located in Southern New South Wales Australia at a height of 600 meters.  The fold was started at Murrumbateman in 2001 and moved to its present location at Kangiara in 2003.  The property is a former reserve and was selected for the availability of adequate water and its extensive covering of shade trees.  The temperatures range from the mid 40’s (Celsius) in the heat of summer to around minus 5°C in winter.  Rainfall is around 30 inches in most years.  Highland cattle are well suited to these extremes of temperature.  The coats thin out in summer and the Highlanders Dossan gives good protection from the bush flies, they are always happy to stand in the dams or river if the temperature gets too high.

We have around 20 Cattle in the Ennerdale Fold and the property can successfully carry 20 breeders on 80 acres mixed in with small numbers of kangaroos, wallabies and large numbers of Cockatoos.  Ennerdale is significant in that we have used predominantly Artificial Insemination (AI) techniques in establishing and increasing the fold numbers.  We find this gives us the best quality in our offspring this has given us an AI success rate averaging at around 80%.  Ennerdale Heifers are joined at around 3 years old allowing them to grow out before they are in calf.

The Ennerdale show team is usually 2-4 animals and we have traveled up to 17 hours to get to a show.  2006 was a particularly good year for us as we won the Australian Highland Cattle Society’s National Show Supreme Exhibit with Seonaid of Ennerdale.

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Highland in the snow

Cow and calf

Cow with calf

Calf in the bushes

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