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Crown Jewel Resort Ranch
Nova Scotia, Canada

On Cape Breton Island is a hidden gem where tranquil nature meets spirited eco adventure and learning.

Step back in time and experience our traditional, organic working farm. A time before pesticides, chemical fertilizers and motorized vehicles when farmers worked side by side with animals, and produced healthy and delicious food using sustainable land methods.

As part of our back to nature farming, we grow and raise completely organic food including beef, lamb, poultry, eggs, fish and vegetables. At Crown Jewel, we used very few motorized tools to minimize fossil fuels -

Crown Jewel Ranch

Mowing the runway
Mowing the runway
Starting a sled journey
Trout Fishing
Trout fishing
Take a virtual tour of Crown Jewel Ranch visit their website.

Instead you'll see Fjord Horses, and sled dogs happily pulling sleighs, carts, and pack saddles, helping with logging and other farming chores. Highland Cattle are perfect for Cape Breton's climate and terrain. Requiring little shelter or feed supplement to achieve and maintain excellent health, cold weather and snow have little effect on our Highlanders.

Banner of Black Highland Cows
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