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Hellifield Highland Cattle
North Yorkshire, England

Green Farm is situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, with our animals grazing within the National Park. We farm about 350 acres in three blocks from Green Farm, Hellifield. The land runs to 850ft above sea level and takes in both heavy clay and free draining soils.

Highland beef cattle first arrived at Green Farm in March 2002. Dottie (Brindle) and Jaz (White) were bought as a hobby (and a bit of fun). We decided to sell our milk cows in August 2005 and concentrate on cows that are fun, sell our own beef, (which we think is the best in the world), and farm in a more traditional, and environmentally friendly way.

Laura leading a winner

The Fold now totals 235 highlands with 50 cows due to give birth this year alone. As we have just over 50 Cows, we need to keep several bulls to keep them all happy. With this in mind and to try different blood lines and colours, we now have 5 Bulls of different ages and colours.

You can get more information on our highland beef, cattle and bulls by visiting our website click here..........

Red Bull

Highlands at Malham

Red Highland Cow

Banner of Black Highland Cows
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