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Glen Brae Fold
New Zeland

Glen Brae Fold is situated on the beautiful West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand with the grandeur of snow topped mountains and lush green native bush

The climate here in New Zeland is relatively mild though we can get snow most winters.  Where we are on the West Coast of the South Island , Greymouth, we are quite close to the coast and we rarely get snow here.  We have our cattle merged with a friends just down the road and we run them together as one herd.  We have one bull Munro of Trossachs and 7 cows and we love the highlands to bits.  We find they love the shelter of the bush in summer from the heat (can get quite warm here sometimes) and also from the chill of winter.

We usually have an abundance of green feed here most of the year round but do find we need to hard feed (lucerene hay, molasses and pellets) about 2-3 months during winter.

Our stud belongs to New Zealands only Highland Cattle Franchise group the Trossachs which has about 10 members at present we all pitch in and help each other with sales and information.


Cow with calf

Brindle Bull



Cow with Calf


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