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Woodhaven Highlands
Missouri - USA

Woodhaven Highlands is a small family farm, nestled in the beautiful Ozarks of southwest Missouri.  We operate in the "Homestead Style", meaning we do a lot of different things on a smaller scale.  This style of farming helps to make us self-sufficient and profitable without losing the tight-knit family feel.  Putting all your eggs in one basket is not the best idea.

One of our goals is to preserve Heritage Livestock Breeds.  If you want the average stock found in today's "mass produced" society, then don't look here.  If you are seeking old-fashioned quality and attention to detail then Woodhaven Highlands is the place for you.

Update: No further information May 2011

Woodhaven Highlands

Very young calf

Cow in the snow

RW Wee Bonnie Belle
Our Calves
Group of calves
Killian's Karamel Glow
Cow Grazing

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