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Cattle Welfare Links

This page leads to links on cattle welfare, some are more relevant to raising Highland Cattle than others, for example Highland Cows generally have no problems with calving; Still we thought they may be of general interest so included them for you to explore. We hope to be adding more information soon, so keep coming back to find out what's new!

These are external informative links for your interest, some practices might have been updated. Please check our disclaimer policy.

-Reducing Cattle Deaths * New
This gives practical advice on the prevention of the conditions that were found to be the main causes of cattle mortality in Northern Ireland.

Artificial Insemination

- Artificial Insemination Technique
Dr. M.L. O’Connor - The Pennsylvania State University

Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle
Glenn Selk - Extension Animal Reproduction Specialist


- Troubleshooting Infertility Problems in Dairy Cattle
- Calving
- Problems of Bovine Pregnancy


Condition scoringof beef suckler cows and heifers


- CIV France A Ruminant's Diet
- Ruminant Nutrition Extension Animal Husbandry NCSU


- Preventing lameness in dairy cows: Hoof lesions; their identification, treatment, management and prevention. Colin Mason SACVS
- Lameness in Cattle - Cow Doc

Respirotary Diseases in Cattle

- Respiratory Diseases of Cattle Merck Veterinary Manual


- Information on Ticks from University of Lincoln

Animal Welfare Directories

Animal Welfare SAC (Scottish Agricultural College)

Milk Development Council Cattle Health & Welfare

Breeding and feeding for animal health and welfare in organic livestock systems
Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture (NAHWOA)
A European Commission funded Concerted Action Project

Organic Cattle Production: Health and Welfare University of Reading

Merck Veterinary Manual

Diagnostic assistance

- CaDDiS (Cattle Disease Diagnostic System) University of Strathclyde

Codes of recommendations for the welfare of livestock.

- Scotland
- Wales
- Northern Ireland


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