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Highlander vom Frohngütl

Our fold´s name is "Highlander vom Frohngütl" and we are Theresia and Bern-hard Pirchner and family.

We have been breeding Highland Cattle since 1993. Our little fold is situated in the middle of the very high mountains of Salzburg in the gold-digger village Rauris.

At the moment the herd consists of 4 cows with calves and a herd bull. All of our animals are very calm and able to walk on the lead.

You can see more of our farm, family and where we live if you visit our website.

Contact Details -

Theresia and Bernhard Pirchner
Alte Buchebenstraße 33
5661 Rauris

Phone: 06544/8137
Mobile phone: 0664/911 45 46

Email: pirchner@atue.at

Visitors are always welcome!

Hochlandrinderzucht Pirchner

Seit 1993 züchten wir Hochlandrinder auf unserem kleinen Hof in Bucheben in Rauris.
Derzeit besteht unsere Herde aus 3 Kühen, 1 Zuchtstier und 1 Kalbin.
Auf unserem Hof gibt es ausschließlich handzahme und führige Tiere.

Kontakt - Pdf

Für mehr informationen besuchen Sie unsere Website

Cow being washed with a power hose
Cow wash!

Show winners

Highland Bull in the woods

Cow and calf winter scene
Jefferson White Stock Bull
Jefferson White
Luzifer the Highland Bull
Deep in the snow

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