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Hampshire County Council ( HCC) has two small highland herds. One herd is based at Hayling Island, near Portsmouth and the other herd is a roving herd that graze a number of  countryside sites along the south coast of Hampshire. HCC works in partnership with Gosport Borough Council, Greenbelt Group LTD and the  Hampshire Wildlife Trust so as to provide a full calendar of sites for these cattle to graze.  The roving herd is made up of six animals, one male named Fred and five females named, Wilma, Betty, Primrose, Heather and Bracken. The herd is used predominantly for conservation grazing.

Highland cattle were chosen for a number of reasons. We have a variety of sites that require grazing, including nutrient poor habitats such as Heathland. Other sites were being grazed for the first time and therefore were predominantly made up of rank grassland. This hardy breed was seen as being the best type for the grazing required, we also require winter grazing and again this breed is suitable. As Highland’s have thick coats though we do have to make sure they have shelter as in the summer they need to keep themselves cool. We also wanted an animal that was robust as  the majority of our sites are fairly urban and are well used by the public for recreation and dog walking.   From a PR perspective Highland cattle are adored and the public never want them to leave. This helps tremendously especially when sites that have previously been fence free suddenly have fencing upon them.

The Fold
Hampshire County Council's Fold of Cattle
Primrose the cow
Fred the Highland Bull

Portrait of Fred

For further information contact

Lisa Parker 
Hampshire County Council
Countryside Ranger
Telephone: 02380 456484

The Countryside Service manages a wide range of sites in the county which provide many opportunities for people to access and enjoy the countryside. It has seven major country parks, and several nature reserves and historic sites which together provide a wide and diverse range of places to visit. We protect and conserve the heritage of landscape, wildlife and historic places and our sites are host to a wide range of activities including education. -
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