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We live in Finland, in a little town called Alavus. The farm is called Ylä-Prinkkilä. It is very old farm, its history stretches back to the 1700's.

We bought our first cattle from Germany in 2006. We have Finnish Highland cattle Champion 2006, Anna-Mir von Stelle,  Reserve champion 2006 Vulkan von der
Voralp and Reserve Champion 2008 Uilleam of Brunnila.

We encorage you to visit on our website where there are many pictures of Highland Cattle and not just from our farm, but Farms from Finland.

Click here to view our website and more of our cattle .
Sitting on a Highland Bull
Uilleam of Brunnila
Uilleam of Brunnila
Anna-Mir von Stelle
Anna-Mir von Stelle

Mother and Calf
Uilleam of Brunnila

White cow
Dreemboats I´m So Pretty
Welsh Corgi - Dreemboats I´m So Pretty
Vulkan von der Voralp Vulkan von der Voralp

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Photos from Finland
Liisa Linna


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