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It's over three years since we decided to breed Highland Cattle professionally.

Our focus is to show the biological diversity (eg. colours) and to breed Highland Cattle to the original breed standards. All our cattle are registered in the German Herd Book and the herd status is 100%.

Our philosophy is to breed healthy cattle and we strive to provide them with the idyllic environment and care, this is more important to us than winning awards.

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Our policy is one of openness and fairness which we believe is essential in a global cattle market. We encourage visitors (by appointment) and take time and care to introduce you to our Fold, especially those who are starting up and/or are new to breeding Highlands.

It is always a far better experience to view cattle in their natural surroundings than by photograph.

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New arrivals for 2008
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pair of calves

Young calf in a meadow

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