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Knockdhu Natural Produce is based on a small croft in Lairg in the  Northern Highlands of Scotland. We produce Highland beef and market  garden produce in a natural way using no artificial fertilizers or  growth enhancers.

Our cattle live outside in a stress free natural environment. They are uniquely hardy and thrive outdoors in the unpredictable Highland climate. Our cattle are predominantly grass fed with additional winter fodder of hay, oat straw and swedes. Our pasture is organic though uncertified, but additional feed is not.

The Knockdhu Fold currently consists of four breeding cows and a variety of young heifers and steers. The cattle are red, dun and yellow.

Our beef is hung for three weeks to develop a full traditional flavour. Our beef is tender, tasty and though well marbled, low in fat. We use a highly acclaimed craft butcher and each portion is vacuum packed to retain it's freshness.

Beef is only available two or three times a year, full details can be obtained from our website.





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