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Luxembourg Highland Cattle Society

For further information on Folds and Farms in Luxembourg visit their website.

For your information the Luxembourg Highland Cattle Society have requested we list the following pdf files, please note they are in German.

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Fränk Lies Lellig Fold

The Fold

Highland Cow
Looks like a calf up a tree, but it is nestling at the foot amongst the roots.

Patrick Urhausen Gralingen Fold

Cattle gathered around a stream with a calf in wading
Highland Cattle in the snow
being fed hay in a barn

Xavier Strotz Bilsdorf Fold

Luxenbourg Highland Bull
Group of Cattle
Highlands with beautiful landscape view

Jean-Marie Schmit GODBRANGE

Looking down a paddock of Highland Cattle grazing
Two cows with a calf in the middle - it is the focus of attention
Mist rising from the breathe of the cattle on a cold morning

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