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So, the hairy coo has tugged at your heart strings! You love the look of them, but aren’t sure what you can do with them, if they will make you money, or if they will suit your paddocks, lifestyle or even you. You’re not sure where to go from here and you have questions? You’re not alone. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision about whether the Highland coo is right for YOU! Watch out though, they have a habit of catching you unawares and before you know it you have gone from none in the paddock...to ten.

For whatever reason you may be eyeballing the Highland, we hope to show you that they have a place in your heart and on your land.
Proudly members of the only New Zealand wide Highland Cattle Franchise Group, we don’t just sell you a Highland, we welcome you to the Cordane family.

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Moffat and Zeik


Moffat and Poppy

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