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Bonnorp Farms

The farm itself has, with certainty, existed since the viking era, though documentation can be found from the 16th century. At that time, the farm was called Bondatorp and was owned by Svante Stenson Sture, one of the first counts in Sweden, who was murdered by Erik XIV in the event called "Sturemorden" (the Sture murders). During the latter half of the 16th century, the farm was in possession of Svante Stures daughter Margareta. She was married to Ture Bjelke who was executed in Linkopings Bloodbath the year 1600.

From the end of the 17th century and until the beginning of the 20th, the farm was registered as a "gästgivargård", a place used as an early-day motel in the nation-wide transit system which was designed during the 17th century. The farm was in the hands of many different owners during this time, though exchange of ownership was done through more peaceful means that during the century before.

The farmhouse was constructed in the year 1856 by the builders Nyström. The great grandfather of the current owner bought the farm in 1862 and it has remained in the ownership of that family, with minor interruptions, for almost 150 years.

The size of the estate is 45 ha (hectares) forest, 32 ha crop fields and 8 ha grazing land. The farm is focused on production of Highland Cattle meat since 1991, though some land is also leased to residents of houses on the estate.

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