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The Yellow Farm

The Yellow Farm
The Yellow Farm is located in the Capital Region of NY, just west of Albany. 

The feel and history of this wonderful old farm make it special for us. After decades of riding and training hunters and jumpers. it is an amazing change of pace to be raising Wensleydale sheep and Highland cattle. 

We have found Highlands to be a gentle, hardy breed.  Their long shaggy coats protect them throughout our cold winters and also keep the bugs at bay during the warmer weather.

They keep predators out of our pastures, allowing our sheep a bit of security as they graze. We have watched as the fold stomps and bellows around the perimeter of the pasture announcing the arrival of a newborn calf. As gentle as they are, they put on a very impressive display which convinces the coyotes (and everyone else in the area) to keep their distance.

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Black cow with calf

Calf with sheep

Face of a young calf

Banner of Black Highland Cows
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