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Autumn Mist Farm
Sebec, Maine.

Autumn Mist Farm is located in Sebec, Maine.  We have been raising Scottish Highland Cattle since 1998.  At Autumn Mist Farm we specialize in Artificial Insemination as well as Embryo Transfer work. 

We have a wide variety of American, Canadian, and Scottish Bulls in our tank.  Check out our website for a list of these bulls. On our website we have compiled a list of Highland bull pictures that are in the back of many pedigrees.We want to be a resource for breeders and highland cattle genetics. We are trying to improve the highland breed through our breeding program. Our goal is to produce a beef animal that competes in the show ring as well as in a commercial setting. We value the traditional highland cow by selecting for Highland Breed Character, Feet, Legs, Udders, Spring of Rib, and animals that have uniform muscling from front to back. 

At Autumn Mist Farm we also specialize in one of a Kind Needle Felted Sculptures. Needle felting is the art of sculpting wool into dolls and animals. This is accomplished by using a small barbed needle. We have been able to create needle felted Highland Cattle Sculptures. Please visit our website www.autumnmistfarm.net to learn more about our Highland Cattle, our Breeding Program, and our one of a kind needle felted sculptures.

Highland Herd
Needlefelt Highland Cow
Needle Felted Black Highland Cow
Needle Felted Highland Bull
Needle Felted Black Highland Bull
Autumn Mist Samuel
Autumn Mist Samuel (AI), One of the many
Artificial Insemination calves we have bred.
Sire Alasdair Raudh of Cladich.

White Calf
White Calf
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