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Northern Divide Highlands

Northern Divide Highlands is our small hobby farm located in Blackduck, Minnesota , about 70 miles south of the Canadian border, and is operated by Larry & Vicki Brittain, and our daughter and son-in-law Gina & Gary Palmer.  We became involved with Highland Cattle after visiting the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO January 1997.  We went to Denver with our neighbors who were showing Highlands to help them with the driving.  While we were there I saw that the breed was very unique looking with gentle dispositions and learned of their positive characteristics including being very hardy, great maternal instincts, and disease resistant.  My husband, Larry, knew he was in trouble when I spent all my time combing and grooming a large white bull that our neighbor had taken out to show.  About a month after returning home our neighbor, Zea land Farms, called and said they had something I had to see, so off we went to find a little white heifer calf and that was the beginning of our herd. 

Prize Giving Photo at stock show

Calf hiding behind a tree.

Banner of Black Highland Cows
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