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We Tired Acres

We Tired Acres is located in the hills of central Wisconsin 10 miles south of Tomah where the 90 – 94 interstate highways divide.

Ken retired in 2000 and people kept asking us how we liked retirement and our answer was “ Retired heck we are just tired”.  Hence the new farm name of We Tired Acres.  We chose and relocated to this area in 2001 because it is half way between our two children and theirfamilies. 

We built our dream home, a log house, in these hills that are perfect for raising Scottish Highland cattle.  Ken had always wanted this breed and we actively started looking in the fall of 2002 and purchased a herd of “older cows” and a bull in February of 2003. 

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Highland Cow with calf

Badger State Highland Show
Cobblestone Farm took Champion Bull with We Tired Acres Joc this year at both the Farmingdale and Beaver Dam shows.  Joc is a beautiful boy and we are sure that this is just the beginning of many purple ribbons for him! 
We Tired Acres Joc
We Tired Acres Joc Highland Bull

Cattle Grazing lush pasture

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