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Highland Cattle are well documented to be the ideal choice for conservation grazing. We have included some information on the wildlife and birds, native to Scotland that have lived for generations alongside Highlands and some, with a little help - still do!

To get further information on Scotlands Birdlife take a look at the RSPB website here - visit the Scottish Wildlife Trust or see our Conservation links to see how Highland Cattle and conservation can work togethe to improve the habitat.

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More information and updates will follow - just keep checking!

Brown Hare

Population in Britain has experienced a considerable loss since the 1960s. Total number are now estimated between 820,000 to 1,250,000. This decline in hare numbers has been more predominant in the West of Scotland.

More information and even a movie can be found at the BBC website Click HERE

Brown Hare
Brown Hare on a frosty morning
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel

Red Squirrels

The Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris is Scotland's only native species of squirrel. Seventy five per cent of the UK population is found in Scotland with an estimated population of 120, 000.

Red squirrels benefit from a range of ages and species of trees and shrubs, especially conifers, though they will also live in broad leaved woodlands in regions with no grey squirrels like the Highlands.

For more information on how you may help to conserve the red squirrel, try these links

Red Squirrels in South Scotland & Friends of the Red Squirrel

Hen Harrier

Male Hen Harriers are a pale grey colour while females and young chicks are brown with a white rump and a long, barred tail which give them the name 'ringtail'. They fly low in search of food, mainly small birds and animals and are found in open countryside and conifer plantations in SW Scotland.

Hen Harrier


Corncrakes are related to moorhens, coots and rails but differ from most members of the family because they live on dry land.

RSPB reserves at Balranald and Coll provide some of the best opportunities to see or hear them.

Corn Crake

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