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Bairnsley Highland Cattle
Glen & Karen Hastie

Our fold is in Sunbury, Victoria in south east Australia. We have modest rainfall (around 500mm per annum) but our rich, rocky volcanic soil sees our Highlands thrive where other breeds struggle. We utilise cell grazing (‘Technograzing’) with single and double strand electric wires to control the cattle. This allows more effective pasture management as well as improving weed control.

Our passion for these magnificent beef animals stems from their quiet nature, functionality and suitability for natural, high quality beef production. We are keen to spread this message to other potential breeders as well as the general public so as to raise their profile and guarantee their future amongst the plethora of other beef breeds. We take animals to major shows, local shows and field days, and we market Highland beef under our own private label and can not keep up with the demand.

We take advantage of artificial insemination and embryo transfer to allow us to improve the breed at more rapid rates in the areas we consider important – structural correctness, Highland character and muscling. We believe that careful choice of foundation females and selection pressure over generations is the fastest way to achieve your breeding goals with these majestic animals

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A Bairnsley cow and calf
Highland Cow resting her head on her calf
Neila Og of Bairnsley
Neila Og of Bairnsley
Our front paddock.
Our front paddock.
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