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Our farm

Kildehøjgaard is situated 300m from the public road in an area remarkable for the beauty of its scenery, in Odsherred, named Veddinge Bakker, between Vejrhøj* and Esterhøj, a part of the socalled “Vejrhøjbuerne”.

  • Vejrhøj is the 3. highest peak in Zealand 121m above the sea.

The area

It is possible to hike in the area directly from the farm being situated in an EU-habitat (Natura 2000-area). The farm is sitting on a moraine, deposited over 15.000 years ago.

Apart from the cultivated grass fields there are several relics of antiquity, i.e. several barrows, heath, marsh, meadow, lake and common, all very hilly and situated at high altitude, between 60-86m above sea level over viewing the land and the sea.

There is a fantastic fauna and splendid opportunities for observing birds.

Our Scottish Highland cattle help us preserve nature in a natural way. They are easy to handle and not aggressive to strangers. They will most likely leave the scene if they meet people they do not know. During summer (May-October) there will also be sheep and goats.

Not far from us you will find some of the best beaches in Denmark. You can also go fishing, and we have no less than 3 golf courts within close range. Fårevejle Golf Club is less than 5 minutes by car from us, approx. 2km from here.

Kildehøjgaard is a good place to start if you want to go biking in the area or to the woods and beaches.

From the farm there is 6km to Asnæs, 6km to Fårevejle, 24km to Holbæk, 24km to Nykøbing and 86km to Copenhagen.

Landscape around Kildehojgaard
Victor our Highland Bull
Victor the Highland Bull
Ulla loves paddling
Ulla loves paddling

Kildehojgaard Farm Denmark

View of the farm

Surrounding fields
Fujiyama’s Garyuuzan (Ronja)
Ronja the Boxer

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