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Brunnila Fold

We have a small farm in south-west of Finland where I started breeding Highland Cattle in 1997, so ten years have already passed with these lovely creatures!

We now have 18 cows + young ones. We try to breed fleshy animals with traditional breed charasteristics; also we like them to be tame and easy to handle, so we halter-brake all our youngsters, even the bulls that are going to end up as beef. I have imported quite a lot of breeding animals from Germany, so all of our cattle originate from German stock.

Restaurant Kuvia Brunnilasta

Iron Age Dinner Parties
Second in Senior Bull class in the Virtual Show 06
Cailean of Brunnila
Second in Senior Bull class in the Virtual Show 06
Brunnila Fold

Finland's Champion Highland Bull
King John von Hackenstedt
Twice the Male Champion in Finland
King John von Hackenstedt

We run a small restaurant alongside our farm where we sell all the beef on plate, the whole carcass! Our speciality is an Iron-age dinner party, where we play roles, have live ancient music and eat with fingers and knives - great fun!

For more pictures, check our website where you'll find a picture gallery "Kuvia Brunnilasta"

Brunnila Farm and Restaurant
Molag 3rd of Brunnila
2006 best yearling heifer in The Virtual Show
Highland Cow
Uilleamena of Brunnila
Highland Fold

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