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Moeskær I/S

We - Moeskær I/S - are mainly Breeders of Friesian Horses and Danish Warmblod Horses. We have Shropshire Sheep and Highland Cattle as second Interest.

Moeskær I/S has a total of 42ha of land, of which 20ha are used for grass fields. Horses, cattle and sheep are moved from time to time, to secure optimum usage of the grass fields.

We love all our animals very much, but unfortunately have to sell some from time to time. So if you are interested in buying some young or older Highland Cattle, Friesian Horses or Shropshire Sheep, feel free to call us on +45 8746 8746 !

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The highland queue
One of 6 in 2008

1 of 6 born 2008

More calves from 2008

Stock Bull
White cow with red calf
Suckling Calf
Some of our other interests
Beautiful black horse
Friesian Horses

Shropshire Sheep
This Danish Warmblod stallion Foal is after the famous Jumping-horse Quidam de Revel his mother Amanda is also a very good jumping horse, we hope to have made a future jumping-star. In all cases, he is a very lovely foal!

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