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Brandenbjerg Highland Cattle

Brandenbjerggaard is situated north of Copenhagen and has 30 ha of land.Most of it has been turned into grassfolds as the numbers of Highland Cattle has increased.

When we moved out from the city, Bjarne wanted some animals and when we saw Highland Cattle with calves on a sunny day in May, we fall in love with the breed. Neither of us has grown up with farming parents, so we have had to learn a lot about breeding cattle. The Danish Highland Cattle Society arranges seminars for new as well experienced breeders.

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The name of the calves this year starts with C for all Danish beef
breeds we have got Casper, Conrad, Caesar - Camille, Cille, Coco,
Chanel number 168 and Celine so far
Highland Cow

Calf amongst trees in blossom

Funny is a real sheepdog but as we have
no sheep she only collects her foot balls
Old English Sheep Dog
Some more Highlanders - At the moment we have 35  - 10 breeding cows,
8 of the calves were born from 4th of April until 1st of mayCow with two calves

Queen Fussy 17 years old in front of our house -She was between our
first heifers arriving May 1991 and the only one still here.
Sleeping in the grass

We like all collours of Highlanders and this year we have got
2 black bull calves + 1 dun - 2 black heifers and 3 red
Cow feeding calf

Our bull Assenbjerg Thorvald 4 years old and around 900 kg which we are using for the 2nd season.

Highland Bull

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