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Vikaskogs Country Manor

Upon Lindåsens ridge, south of Tiveden National Park in Sweden, is more than 200 meters above sea level. Located in the middle of the (Vikaskogen )forest lies Vikaskogs Country Manor.

Enjoy the silence in our rustic picturesque idyll rich in flora and fauna.

Our highland cattle graze and keep the landscape open around Vikaskogs Country Manor. They are unmatched landscape keepers.

The fold operates ecologically. Our fold consists of nine cows and one bull. The fold stay out all year around, but move between summer and winter pastures. The fold have access to shelter from rain, wind and snow, but their first choice is to seek protection in the forest.

Swedish Highland Beef is a brand of quality on products from pure-bred highland cattle from Vikaskogs (Vikaskogs Herrgård) country manor. Swedish Highland Beefguarantee an ecological breeding on semi-natural pastures and the highland cattle are outdoor all the year

Visit Vikaskogs country manor’s website http://www.vikaskog.se/ for more information.



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