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The Reedland Fold

Situated in Ceredigion, West Wales The Reedland fold mainly consists of breeding cattle that we meticulously picked from Old Scottish bloodlines. Our main aim is to breed for hardiness, true type and quiet temperament, we feel those three points are of utmost importance.

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Maisie Dubh 2nd of Pollock
Maisie Dubh 2nd of Pollock,
has had a tremendous showing career with us so far .
Sitting on the grass tickling the chin of a cow
Sometimes you just have to sit down and chill out !!!!!!!!

Highland Cow on a hill of rough pasture

A local farmer once said to us, "You cant keep cattle on this land , my cows would just look at this ground and keel over!!"

I'm not sure if my highlanders have realised they shouldn't be doing so well on such poor ground! 
Cuddling a Highland Bull in the snow
Time for a cuddle, our stock bull -
Monarch of Grey Brae enjoying his cuddle .

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