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Frith Fold

Frith Fold

Frith Manor Farm is located on the Kent, Surrey and Sussex borders, situated in East Grinstead.

The fold was newly established in 2003 to concentrate on the development of a prime, quality pedigree fold that is commercially viable both from the sale of breeding females and commercialisation from beef production.

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The foundation stock has been carefully sourced from some of the leading and best regarded breeders in the UK. The aim through a carefully monitored programme is to breed a type of Highland that retains all the traditional breed characteristics with excellent calf rearing and growth rate properties.

All of our beasts live outside throughout the year and grazing is typically old pasture and because the soil is of marginal cultivable quality (lower grade three), the yield is well suited to the animals since it is not too rich.  Home produced hay is gathered and stored in small bales over the summer to supplement winter feeding.

For more information please contact Nick or visit our website:

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