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Maple K Farms

Maple K Farms was established in 1936 in the lush rolling hills of the Palouse.  Tom's grandparents originally raised wheat and barley on the farm. In 1997 we purchased our first Highland cattle and have grown our herd to 80+ animals. In our short time in the Highland business, we have produced winning show animals, as well as, increasing our beef business to the point of having a waiting list.

We provide natural grass fed beef by raising Highlands known for their lean healthy attributes as well as the rich robust flavor. We also sell breeding stock. All heifers and any registered bulls are trained to lead on a halter.

We are committed to sustainable farming practices which include environmental responsibility, animal welfare, and maintaining locally grown foods in our community.

Maple K Farm
Maple K Farm
Our cattle are raised on lush open pastures with abundant cool clear streams and springs, the way nature intended.

We invite you to come tour our farm to prove that we walk the talk. To visit, please contact Tom or Cheryl Kammerzell, 509-397-4589, maplek@pionnetwb.com.

For further information on Maple K Farms visit the website.
Cattle in the snow

Group of young Highlands

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Cow in the woods

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